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BCN3D’s signature IDEX Technology: Doubling Productivity While Halving Costs


IDEX stands for Independent Dual Extrusion and refers to that technology that allows a 3D printer to work with both of its tool heads simultaneously and independently.

As a double extrusion system, IDEX allows users to print more complex pieces by using hydrosoluble supports and to combine materials to obtain different mechanical properties in one single print.
Combining IDEX with 3D printing modes such as Duplication and Mirror effectively doubles the printing capacity of each machine, making this technology the most cost-effective and the fastest solution for low-volume batch production.

In this white paper, you'll learn

  • - What IDEX is and how it works
    - How this technology was developed and has evolved
    - IDEX's main benefits compared to single- and conventional dual extrusion
    - How we use this technology in our own Print Farm
    - How our clients are benefiting from IDEX to be more productive

Download our free whitepaper and find out everything you need to know in order to optimize your time and resources.