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In-depth comparison of well-known filament drying methods

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Hygroscopicity the great enemy of 3D printing

Even a small percentage of humidity can negatively affect most filaments and, therefore, the end result of the print job. 

Hygroscopic materials are able to absorb big quantities of humidity from the air and store it deep within their matrix. Heating them up helps to remove the water absorbed on the surface, but not the water stored deep in their matrix, that is why hygroscopic polymers need to be looked after and stored more carefully before being processed and to be kept in a dry and sealed environment. 


How to keep filaments in an optimal condition

In this white paper you will find: 

  • Effects of humidity on polymers
  • Detailed descriptions of experiments conducted by the BCN3D Engineering team
  • Comparison of traditional 3D printing filament drying methods compared to the BCN3D Smart Cabinet


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