BCN3D Cloud Teams

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BCN3D Cloud Teams

The BCN3D Cloud Teams plan provides you with all the features of the Standard plan and more to provide you with tools for you to take the reigns. Administrate a departmental structure with customized roles and permissions for members, to optimize your resources and reduce operation times as a result.

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All BCN3D Cloud Standard features plus:

  • Fleet Management: Create complex structures for your organization
  • Teams (Groups): Manage teams separately based on needs
  • Roles: Invite teammates and define membership within each team
  • Permissions: Define what every user can do inside your organization or team
  • Printing Workflow: Control your production with a clear printing workflow 
  • Federated Authentication (SSO): Authenticate on the cloud with your company credentials, avoiding creating different user accounts

Try the Teams plan from late October onwards for a 3 month probation period, and then 495€ per year (595$/year).