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Materials for 3D printing & In-depth on fibre-filled

Dario Destro
Materials Engineer

Which is the strongest 3D printing material? And… is stronger always better? In this webinar, Materials Engineer Dario Destro will walk you through the different 3D printing filament types currently available in the market and their properties, with a special emphasis on fiber-filled materials.

You will walk away with a clear idea of each material’s stronger and weaker points, which will help you better choose the right filament for each application.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • · Which are the different BCN3D filament types, and the properties of each of them. 
  • · How to choose the right material for each application.
  • · Why glass and carbon fibers are added to polymers.
  • · The effects on strength and stiffness when fibers are added.
  • · The benefits these materials present in the 3D printing process.
  • · Different applications for these fiber-filled filaments.
  • · A real success story: using fiber-filled filaments to fabricate end-use parts for a racing car.